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WuduMate WuduBasin

We are delighted to announce the addition of the WuduMate WuduBasin to the WuduMate range, a new combined hand basin and footbath for pre prayer ablution (wudu).

Image of the WuduMate WuduBasin - a wudu sink with two bowls - one at the top for handwashing, and a second bowl in the base of the unit for washing the feet during wudu

Product Code: WM-WB

Weight / Size

Net: 48kg (106 lbs)
Gross: 50kg (110 lbs)

Carton Size

600(w) x 900(L) x 450 (H) mm

23.6 (W) x 35.4 (L) x 17.7 (H) inches





WuduBasin in the Home

The WuduMate WuduBasin is best suited for homes where there is insufficient space for a separate hand basin and footbath, but the homeowner requires a safer and more comfortable appliance in which to rinse their feet when performing wudu, rather than a hand basin or shower. 

Domestic homeowners are less exposed to corporate Health & Safety legislation, so the WuduBasin could be justifiably used at home without legal implications.

WuduBasin in public spaces

Although technically the WuduMate WuduBasin could also be utilised in the workplace and public facilities, building owners should be aware of local corporate Health & Safety risks and regulations relating to potential slip hazards in the workplace, especially those caused by excess liquid on the floor (In the UK refer Bristol County Council V Ellis 2007).

Whilst not always possible in small workplaces, sitting to wash feet will always be safer and more comfortable than standing, especially if standing on one foot. If there is space for a seated footbath in your ablution area, a WuduMate Compact, WuduMate Classic or WuduMate Modular will always be a more suitable environment for your Muslim employees and visitors to perform wudu.

If the WuduBasin is to be used in a public space, we would recommend that grab bars be considered to hold onto when balancing on one foot, and that non-slip matting is deployed to reduce the possibility of slipping on a wet floor; a stool could also be considered so the user can wash their feet while seated.


For the buyer:

  • Manufactured in high quality, easy to clean porcelain
  • Provides both a hand and foot washing facility in one single unit, enabling both functions in one 600mm wall space

For the contractor:

  • Easy to install
  • ‘Water-in’ and ‘waste-out’ through the rear of the unit

For the user:

  • Footbath is accessible for wheelchair users
  • Accommodates children and adults

For Employers:

  • Where Health and Safety Regulations do not prohibit use, the WuduBasin provides a compact facility for hand and foot washing

Testing / Certification

CSA certification applied for under our existing file number 301439

We are taking pre-orders for the WuduMate WuduBasin now.

Contact our Sales Team for Pricing and Delivery options

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Tel: +44 (0) 1784 748080

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Tel: +1 513-815-3070 

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