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BioZone Air Purifier & Covid Killer


The BioZone AirCare solution from WuduMate has many benefits


BIOZONE KILLS bacteria which causes unpleasant odours in toilets and ablution areas so ideal for commercial premises and mosques

Biozone Air purifier
PR Series
  • BIOZONE KILLS viruses including flu and COVID 19
  • BIOZONE KILLS fungal bacteria which cause foot borne infections such as athelete’s foot in ablution areas and prayer halls
  • BIOZONE KILLS fungal bacteria in prayer hall carpets which cause respiratory infections
  • BIOZONE can destroy viruses in the air, in 0.44 seconds including Human Flu, H5N2 and hPIV-3 and evidence shows that 99% of Coronaviruses are killed within a minute on surfaces.
  • BIOZONE improves hygiene both in the air and on surfaces, works 24 hours a day and uses sterilising techniques to clean the environment
Mini Power Zone

BIOZONE is available in three sizes BIOZONE 10,20 and 30 for areas of 10sqm, 20sqm and 30sqm respectively. This BIOZONE is designed to be left on 24 hours per day, providing full round-the-clock protection.

The new BIOZONE PR series, -  PR 10, 20 and 30, has an additional feature of a hand-held remote control,   enabling these units to be easily switched on/off, easier for use in those environments where 24 cover is not required.

The new Mini Power Zone is a portable BIOZONE designed to ‘deep-clean’ an area before occupation, but then removed before the area is occupied. The Mini PowerZone BIOZONE is effective for areas from 60sq meters to 90sq meters, 60 sq meters after a relatively short burst of use (circa 15 minutes) up to 60sq meters if left on longer.

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