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In several continents, especially where traditional robed dress is commonplace, the most popular toilet is a floor level ‘squat’ toilet.

Most squat toilets consist of foot shaped ‘peddles’ at floor level, and a hole leading to a waste outlet below the floor; the WuduMate squat toilet has an integral S trap to provide a water seal to prevent unpleasant odours seeping back from the drains into the bathroom.

Where there is a requirement for both squatting and seated toilets but insufficient space to have one of each, the unique WuduMate ‘Hybrid’ toilet can cater for both, providing both a seated position and a raised crouched position.

Where bidet sprays are preferred for post toilet washing as an alternative to paper, the WuduMate Turkish Style Toilet with integral bidet spray is an increasingly popular option, as an alternative to separate hand held bidet sprays and shattafs.

In situations where there are multiple Asian employees visiting a washroom, the WuduMate Personal bidet is an option which can be encouraged by employers, a hygienic alternative to plumbed-in shattafs and bidets, which can help prevent use of inappropriate containers.

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