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WuduMate Mobile Foot Bath

The WuduMate Mobile has the proven dimensions of the widely installed WuduMate Compact, but for the first time providing a mobile appliance for safe and comfortable wudu.

Three images of the WuduMate mobile

Product Code: WM-MOB

Weight / Size

15kg – 20kg / 500mm x 530mm
33lbs – 44llbs / 9.68” x 20.87”


HDPE Plastic


White, Marble, Grey, Sandstone

Accessories / Options

Internal pump and hose



Where there is not enough room for a permanently plumbed WuduMate or a property is rented so permanent fixture for wudu is either not permitted or the cost cannot be justified.


Where only a few/occasional muslim staff don’t warrant permanent wudu facilities.

Hotels/student accommodation

Where only occasional Muslim visitors do not warrant permanent ablution areas, nor a permanent WuduMate in each room.


Where the Mobile WuduMate can be taken to the patient rather than the patient being taken to the ablution room.

Nursing homes

Where patients are too fragile to move easily.

Police stations and prisons

Where the Mobile WuduMate can be taken to cells for use rather than prisoners taken to an ablution area.

Muslim weddings, exhibitions and other events

Where temporary wudu facilities are required in singles or configured in multiple units.


The WuduMate Mobile can be wheeled to disabled people for use, rather than the disabled people needing to go to the ablution area, and the bowl can then be positioned easily for wheelchair access.


  • Compact, movable WuduMate with handle & wheels for moving from room to room
  • Retractable stool and bowl which can be pulled out for use, and discreetly stowed for storage or for wheeling elsewhere
  • A 14 litre upper reservoir which can be either be removed, taken to a waster source for filling or wheeled to a water source and filled with a hose
  • A 14 litre lower reservoir which can either be removed and carried to a basin/drain for emptying, or wheeled to a basin/drain and emptied with optional internal pump and hose
  • A tap with 0.5 litre per minute aerator giving approximately 14 minutes running water for wudu before emptying/refilling
  • Ball valve controlled mains water supply and an outlet to mains drains for multiple units for events

Classic Architect & Professional Data

• Spec Sheet: WuduMate Mobile.pdf


WuduMate Mobile with stool extended
Three images of the WuduMate Mobile showing how to assemble and disassemble it

Special Notes

Lower reservoir can either be removed and carried to a basin / drain for emptying or wheeled to a basin/drain and emptied with the optional internal pump and hose.

Associated Products

WuduMate Compact Acrylic and Porcelain for residential user or where space is limited WuduMate Classic for medium use applications including prayer rooms and multi-faith rooms in commercial buildings WuduMate Modular for high usage areas, including Mosques

Frequent Applications

  • Residential
  • Municipal
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Offices
  • Hotels
  • Muslim Weddings
  • Exhibitions

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