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“I didn’t always have a mineral water bottle to hand when I wanted to wash, and taking cups of water into a toilet is not always practical, so the WuduMate is ideal. It can be easily carried in your pocket or handbag, can hold a litre of water which is far more than the small water bottles which we normally use, and after use can be easily folded away again for use next time”

Moazzam Ali, Inventor of the WuduMate Personal

“The first we realised that we had a problem was excessive water on the floor of our washrooms. Upon further investigation we realised that we did not have suitable facilities for our Muslim staff to perform washing before prayer.  A simple Google search identified the WuduMate and a local supplier, who were very knowledgeable about the problems and the way to solve these.  Their publication ‘Diversity Matters’ provided the advice we needed and a budget was soon approved to install a WuduMate and the resulting installation has been welcomed by all concerned”  “I can recommend both the company and the products for their advise and solutions to this issue”

Facilities Manager, London City Bank

“As a Muslim, working for a leading UK supermarket I was disappointed to find there were no appropriate washing facilities in our building meaning that I had to wash my feet in a basin before performing Salat (prayer) in a rarely used office.  Friends of mine working in another supermarket advised that they had a specific area equipped with washing appliances called the WuduMate which I soon found on the web and realised they were specifically designed to solve the problem that I and my Muslim colleagues were experiencing.  I shared my concerns with my HR department and am delighted to say that my employer was receptive to making the necessary investment to install a multi-faith room in the building, equipped with WuduMates for foot washing. I cannot praise enough our employer for supporting us and for the makers of WuduMate for inventing this fabulous appliance – thank you” 

Mohammed Kahn, Supermarket Employee 

Our masjid’s WuduMate Modular installation was marginally more than what we had budgeted for our tile and cement trough,  but so much nicer now that its finished. I can recommend the Modular, is hygienic, easy to keep clean, and with our downlights its nice and bright. WuduMate were easy to work with and helpful all the way through.

Abdul Hassan, WuduMate Modular user

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Tel: +44 (0) 1784 748080

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Tel: +1 513-815-3070 

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