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WuduMate Personal - Unfold. Fill. Pour. Store.

WuduMate Personals and a dispenser stand

The WuduMate Personal is a foldable, pocket-sized 'lota' for personal washing (istinja), ideal for use when travelling away from home (e.g. school, university, work, umrah, hajj etc.).

It holds 0.6L of water and is a hygenic, discreet and dignified alternative to bottles and cups. It folds neatly into a compact pouch, making it a 'MUST carry' in your pocket bag or car.

  • Sturdy and stable to minimise spillage
  • Improved spout for accurate pouring
  • Provided with self-sealing pouch
  • An every day essential for Muslims living in non-Muslim countries

“I don't always have a mineral water bottle to hand when I need to wash, and taking cups of water into a toilet is not always practical. The WuduMate Personal is ideal! It can be easily carried in a pocket or handbag, holds almost a litre of water which is more than the small water bottles which I normally use. After use the WuduMate Personal can be easily folded away again for use next time.”Moazzam Ali, Inventor of the WuduMate Personal

Series of images showing how to use a WuduMate Personal
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