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WuduMate is the world's leading supplier of ablution products for prayer and multi-faith rooms, mosques, workplaces and homes.

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15 May 2024
5 Ways to make a Multi-Faith Workplace Work

Are you ready to unlock the full potential of your diverse workforce? At WuduMate, we're well aware of the challenges involved in creating an environment where everyone feels included and valued. We believe that embracing diversity isn't just a box to tick - it's the key to fostering innovation, boosting retention, and creating a workplace […]

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28 February 2024
The 2024 WuduMate Brochure is now available

We have published a new WuduMate brochure for 2024. This brochure includes a new product, a dual level hand and foot basin called the WuduMate WuduBasin. The WuduMate WuduBasin is best suited for homes and small workplaces where there is insufficient space for a separate hand basin and footbath, but the users require a safer and more comfortable appliance in which to rinse their […]

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26 January 2024
WuduMate Exhibiting at LOHAS Expo in Hong Kong

We are proud to announce that WuduMate will be exhibiting its innovative wudu basins and ablution products in the halal pavilion at the LOHAS Expo in Hong Kong from Friday 26th - Sunday 29th January. The South China Morning Post reports that the halal pavilion at this trade show is deliberately designed to make Hong […]

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30 April 2024
WuduMate Classic in a Newcastle Hospital

We were very pleased to hear from the Newcastle Hospitals Charity this week. They have been fundraising to set up a wudu facility for staff patients and visitors to the Freeman Hospital They chose the WuduMate Classic for the wudu area and this has now been installed. The following case study comes from the Newcastle […]

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26 April 2024
WuduMate Mobile in Warehouse in USA

A large company in the United States has set up a multi-faith space in a zone in their warehouse. They chose the WuduMate Mobile for the male and female wudu ablution area, as it does not require any plumbing. The unit is filled and emptied at the nearest water supply and can then be wheeled […]

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24 April 2024
WuduMate Mobile units in McMurry University, USA

The chaplaincy team at McMurry University in the USA has enhanced their multi-faith room, with the addition of two cubicles for male and female wudu, each one containing a WuduMate Mobile. The WuduMate Mobile does not need to be plumbed in so this was a fairly simple installation - all that was needed was to […]

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