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Appliances for Muslim Ablution (wudu) In The Home, Workplace And Mosque

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Transform Your Home, Workplace and Mosque

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7 June 2022
WuduMate Compact in the Multi-Faith area of a Government Office

The Victoria state government in Australia has demonstrated a progressive lead in its approach to diversity, by opening the Silver Wattle Multifaith Room, equipped with a WuduMate Compact, the world’s leading washing appliance for the muslim pre-prayer ritual of wudu.

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24 May 2022
WuduMate Modulars in a Sheffield Mosque

On the left hand side, some of the WuduMate Modular units are configured for standing access. Some Muslims, especially in western clothing, prefer to stand while performing wudu.

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17 May 2022
Safe and Comfortable Wudu at Home

It's possible that you have used one of our WuduMate units in your mosque, or if you have been visiting a public building and needed to pray while you are there. I hope that you will agree that these units make the ablution process much more convenient and pleasant, compared to using traditional Western sinks. […]

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