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Case Study: Webber Wentzel Law Firm

Webber Wentzel’s history of practicing law in South Africa spans over 150 years, during which time the Republic has seen huge changes in the structure of its people and its workforce. The firm is today extremely proud to represent all that is best in a truly South African law firm.

Webber Wentzel takes diversity as a top priority, effectively harnessing the varied experience, perspectives and backgrounds of its employees and stakeholders.

In line with the diverse ethnicity of South Africa as a whole, Webber Wentzel staff constitutes a
satisfying, ethnically diverse workforce.

A recent review of its facilities for Muslim employees, suggested that improvements could be made in the washing facilities provided for those of its staff who required to undertake ritual ablution as part of their prayer routine, and a project ensued to find what was most appropriate.

After a consultative process between the building services people and a group of the firm’s Muslim staff headed by Rashaad Carrim, a Google search of identified a specialist provider of
appliances for Wudu, based in the UK. Rashaad contacted WuduMate, authors of Diversity Matters – A Guide to Best Practice Faith Room Design, a useful publication which outlines the benefits of Multi-Faith Rooms and Prayer Rooms in today’s multi cultural workplace.

The WuduMate™ range of washing appliances had been developed in order to satisfy some of the issues identified in the Guide, specifically the ability to perform Wudu, a ritual before prayer which involves the washing of parts of ones body including the feet. After considering the various options which were available, the firm chose the WuduMate Classic as the most appropriate washing appliance for Wudu, comfortable, safe and virtually unbreakable, so ideal for a public facility.

Rashaad Carrim of Webber Wentzel adds:

“As a firm we believe its important to look after the spiritual wellbeing of our staff, just as it is their physical wellbeing, thus our commitment to provide prayer rooms for our staff.

We were pleased to discover the WuduMate range on the Internet and delighted when we found there was stock in South Africa!”

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Webber Wentzel Law Firm
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