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WuduMate Compact Series installed in Birmingham Primary School 

Located in Small Heath, an area of Birmingham where around 70% of the population is Muslim, this school had a young and enthusiastic team and colourful and vibrant décor throughout. 

The school was committed to an environment where bullying is seen by all to be unacceptable and where courtesy and good manners are promoted. Responsible behaviour was expected, and achievements recognized with awards and certificates. 

As in the surrounding area, the school population was predominantly Muslim, and it was recognised that there were inadequate facilities in which Muslim pupils could perform their ritual ablution before prayer. The site manager at the time Gulfor Khan was tasked with assessing the situation.

”We realized that we had insufficient Wudu facilities for the many Muslim pupils within the academy, and so identified several areas with sufficient space and access to plumbing and drainage. Our next challenge was to identify suitable appliances for each location, and fortunately we were introduced to the WuduMate range by another local school who had recently undertaken a similar project. The WuduMate range consists of several models, giving us the flexibility to choose appliances to suit both the application and the spaces we had available.” 

WuduMate Compact

A local plumbing contractor was appointed to undertake the installation of a series of WuduMate Compact ablution appliances in the boys’ and girls’ changing rooms. Gulfor Khan added

“The Specialist Washing Company (now trading as WuduMate), reacted quickly so we could undertake the installation over half term, and met with the contractor on site to help determine the most appropriate WuduMate models to use.” 

The subsequent installation proved to be a great success, with the WuduMate Compacts being excellently received by all who used them. 

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