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A neat series of WuduMate Modulars in Minnesota, installed within the slab and tiled up to the rear of the units.

This ablution area has maximised the space available to fit in multiple WuduMate Modular foot baths with smart wall-mounted quarter-turn taps.

Refurbished wudu ablution stations in an Islamic Centre fitted in 2016 with a series of WuduMate Modular foot baths perfectly complemented by black decals.

A series of WuduMate Modular ablution units in an Islamic Centre

The WuduMate Classics fit perfectly in this ablution room under the window to allow the sunlight in the room. The white glossy look tones perfectly with the surroundings and the manual single lever pillar tap complements the smart look of the foot bath.

The WuduMate Modular foot baths fit neatly in this wudu area complementing the interior perfectly and maximising the space available.

A series of 5 WuduMate Modular units, installed in the ablution area of a mosque

These WuduMate Modulars fit perfectly into this wudu area utilising the space to impressively allow for twelve smart foot baths that complement the modern interior.

The customer chose white seat tops and seat pole base plates to create a peaceful and calm aesthetic.

These WuduMate Modulars fit perfectly into this wudu area. Twelve smart foot baths complement the modern interior.

A neat installation of a WuduMate Modular in a corporate multi faith space in Australia. The white seat top and seat pole base plate compliment the decor of the room, to give a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

WuduMate Modualr installed in a multi faith area in Australia

This elegant gold seat top on the WuduMate Modular ablution sink complements this attractive gold themed home bathroom and wudu area perfectly.

WuduMate Modular wudu sink with gold seat top installed in a home bathroom

This WuduMate Classic fits neatly into a family washroom and has been installed in an ideal location next to the window.

Four WuduMate Compact foot baths in a mosque in Moymul, Turkey demonstrating a great example of a well-designed series placed next to soap dispensers.

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