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WuduMate Modular

Three WuduMate Modular unis with a 1/4 turn tap
WuduMate Seated Modular with ¼ turn tap

Product code: WM-MOD

Weight / Size

Single Carton
720W x 965L x 740H
36.42W x 37L x 21.26H
Circa gross: 33kg/72.75llbs
Circa net: 31kg/68.34lbs

Double Carton
720W x 965L x 925H
36.42W x37L x 28.35H
Circa gross: 66kg/145.50lbs
Circa net: 64kg/142lbs

WuduMate Modular

Mosque architects and committees want a masjid’s ablution area to work for everyone during prayer times.

The WuduMate Modular is a cleverly designed modular wudu khana station, accommodating a combination of standing, seated and, if required, wheelchair-based users.

The innovative WuduMate Modular design means an ablution area can be both functionally and visually refreshing; suitable for high usage at busy prayer times.

Its ease of cleaning and low maintenance reduces the whole life cost of ownership.


  • Individual WuduMates can be installed singularly or can be joined together neatly with as many ablution positions as required
  • A high quality, acrylic finish, facilitates cleaning, assists in the fight against unwanted bacteria
  • A combination of stainess steel, chrome, and high gloss white acrylic, complements innovative lighting schemes
  • The avoidance of grout reduces maintenance, facilitates reduction of bacteria and extends the life of the ablution area
  • Individual drainage outlets improve hygiene and help reduce unpleasant odours
  • Prefabricated components minimise the contractor skills required during construction
  • Decorative patterns included with each installation, with purpose designed colours and patterns available on request.
  • With an increasing number of WuduMate Modular customers, WuduMate has introduced a number of accessories and complementary products for mosques, suitable for both those using the WuduMate, and those with traditional trough ablution systems.

One Product. Multiple Possibilities

Recognising that some customers might be retrofitting an existing wudu room, whilst others building from scratch, we designed the WuduMate Modular to be installed in a number of ways. The WuduMate Modular can be installed on a flat surface, requiring a small step up, and only minimum sub-floor excavation to access a suitable drain, ideal for upstairs locations.

Alternatively, the WuduMate Modular can be installed within the slab to finish flush with the level of the floor. If required the WuduMate Modular can be installed for temporary use, and moved to another location at a later stage in situations where a mosque or prayer room is undergoing extensive renovation or extension. Likewise, the WuduMate Modular’s multi-positionable seats can be located in a forward position for a child’s use or moved to the rear of the unit for use by adults.

High-Quality, Hygienic Construction

Manufactured in high-quality sanitary grade acrylic, the WuduMate Modular is easy to keep clean, easy to maintain, and can still look good after years of use. A combination of stainless steel, chrome and high gloss acrylic complements innovative lighting schemes used today.

Its brilliant white finish can be maintained by using normal household detergents, with an additional benefit of showing that cleaning is required when the acrylic loses its inherent ‘sparkle’. The WuduMate Modular is comprehensively reinforced to provide a light, yet extremely robust structure, with the seating area supported by a steel frame to transfer user weight directly to the floor, rather than onto the unit itself.

The avoidance of grout reduces maintenance, facilitates the reduction of bacteria and, in the long term, extends the life of an ablution area.

Person performing standing wudu using a WuduMate Modular unit
Standing Moduar with Manual Lever Tap


For the buyer:

  • Manufactured in high quality, easy to clean sanitary grade acrylic
  • Can accommodate users wanting to perform wudu whilst seated, standing or in their wheelchairs
  • Individual drainage outlets improve hygiene and help reduce unpleasant odours
  • The avoidance of grout reduces maintenance, facilitates reduction of bacteria and extends the life of the ablution area

For the contractor:

  • Easy to install
  • Can be installed at ground level to allow wheelchair access onto the unit provided no seat pole is installed
  • Can be joined neatly together with other WuduMate Modulars to provide as many wudu stations as required
  • For the employer:
  • Supports Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), equality and diversity policies
  • Mitigates health & safety risks and Disabled Discrimination Act (DDA) compliance risks

For the user:

  • Safe, comfortable and dignified wudu appliance
  • The stainless steel pole can be installed with the seat closer or further away from the tap to accommodate for children and adults
  • Designed together with numerous WuduMate taps to ensure that the spouts are in the most comfortable position for wudu and at the right angle to minimise splashing


The WuduMate Modular Standing is available as an alternative to the Seated Modular; the Standing Modular has non-slip foot positions for standing wudu which is increasingly popular amongst the younger generation performing wudu in western clothing. When set into the floor with tiling up to the back of the WuduMate, the Standing Modular is accessible for wheelchair users.

Modular Architect & Professional Data




Safe, Hygienic and Comfortable Wudu with the WuduMate Modular

Accessible Wudu

The WuduMate Modular is ideally suited for mosque wudu khanas and other high-usage Muslim prayer rooms including municipal buildings, schools and hospitals.

The WuduMate Modular has a traditional position for seated wudu, combined with optional standing positions; standing positions can also be configured for wheelchair access. The WuduMate Modular can be configured without a seat, making washing before prayer for wheelchair-based users safe and comfortable.

Make Wudu Right. Every Time

The shape of the WuduMate Modular, combined with the location of the spout and the angle of fall of the water, is designed to provide both a comfortable position for wudu and to avoid splashing of grey water onto the body or clothes of the user. The WuduMate range of ablution taps have been designed together with each WuduMate model, specifically to minimise splashing and provide the most comfortable ergonomic position for wudu.

Minimise Contractor Skill

Each WuduMate Modular is delivered in its own box ready for assembly and installation. The pre-fabricated, high-quality components supplied as part of the WuduMate Modular package, are designed for assembly by reasonably competent tradespersons, requiring no specialist skills.

Easily Specify and Design Mosque Ablution Areas

The WuduMate Modular can be configured to suit most mosque ablution areas, and the in-house WuduMate design team can offer advice and assistance in determining the most appropriate designs for your project. This unique wudu station can be retrofitted into existing wudu khanas with numerous possibilities or utilised in new builds. Decorative patterns are available with each installation. With purpose designed colours and patterns available upon request.

Individual Waste and Trap

Each WuduMate Modular wudu station has an individual waste and trap as would be associated with any truly modern wudu khana, helping to conform to building regulations and reducing unpleasant odours. An optional, integrated soap dispenser is also available.

WuduMate Modular

A comprehensive installation document is available for the WuduMate-Modular.

Configuration Options

WuduMate-Modular Seated

  • WuduMate Modular
  • WuduMate Wall-Mounted Tap
  • WuduMate Stainless Steel Seat Post
  • WuduMate Double Skin Acrylic Seat
  • TMV3
  • Optional Decal Decoration
  • Waste
  • Fixings

WuduMate-Modular Standing

  • WuduMate Modular
  • WuduMate Wall-Mounted Tap
  • TMV3
  • Optional Decal Decoration
  • Waste
  • Fixings


Sanitary-grade, reinforced acrylic and stainless steel


White Acrylic

Seats come in a choice of colours

White, Black or Beech


WuduMate Modular 40kg WuduMate Stainless Steel Seat Post 6.75kg OR 18 KG / 40LBS

Testing / Certification

WuduMate Modular seat has been tested up to 500kg with no negative impact

Three images of the WuduMate Modular in Mosque home and Commercial settings
Image shows seat and decal options for the WuduMate modular

Series of 3 x Modular (above)

Image shows how the WuduMate Modular can be installed as a series
Before and after picture of WuduMate modular installation
Person performing standing wudu using WuduMate Modular

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