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WuduMate Taps and Water Saving

All WuduMate taps are fitted with a Neoperl 3.7lpm PCA Aerator which provide a number of benefits:

  • The flow is restricted to 3.7lpm (1 US Gallon).
  • By mixing air into the water flow, the flow can be restricted without the user actually noticing the flow reduction.
  • The effect of mixing air into the water flow also reduces splashing

When a series of WuduMates are installed with the water feed from the same source, the water pressure over the series of units is equalised, so avoiding the tap nearest the source having high pressure, and the one furthest away having lower pressure.

WuduMate is now also able to supply a 1.8lpm (0.5 US Gallon) version of the PCA aerator which maintains the PCA benefits of the 3.7 lpm version but reduces water usage by half; an additional benefit is to reduce the associated water heating costs, so a significant overall potential saving.

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Tel: +44 (0) 1784 748080

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Tel: +1 513-815-3070 

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