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WuduMate Classic

CSA CERT. NO: 301439
Product Code: WM-CLAS

Weight / Size

Net: 40lbs/18kg
Gross: 46lbs/21kg

Carton Size (mm) / Inches

(L:1070) x (W720) x (H:680)
L42.11 x W28.35 x H26.77

Easily Installed

WuduMate Classic is an easily installed wudu washing bowl for commercial buildings where inclusion and diversity matter, including multi-faith and prayer rooms in offices, schools, hospitals, prisons, public buildings and leisure venues.

Wherever Muslims work or visit, a WuduMate Classic should be installed. This unit is often installed in larger bathrooms in the home as well. The services (water and waste) come out of either the base or the rear of the unit, avoiding the requirement for sub-floor drainage or plinths.

For Every Environment

With an integral, virtually indestructible seat, which has been tested to over three tons, the WuduMate Classic is suitable for installation as a wudu washing bowl in the most inhospitable environments such as prisons, inner-city schools and unmonitored public places.

Reduce Splashing

When providing a wudu facility, it’s important that users and their clothes aren’t splashed by grey water, which can invalidate the wudu ritual. The WuduMate Classic has been developed in conjunction with purpose-built taps, which have been designed with the spout in the most comfortable position for wudu, and the fall of the water positioned to minimise splashing. Not only does the WuduMate Classic provide the user with a safe, comfortable position for wudu, but it also benefits building owners and facilities managers by protecting the fabric of buildings from water damage.

Diversity Matters

The WuduMate Classic makes the provision of a prayer facility in the workplace straightforward and cost effective, whilst also helping to support an organisation’s social, diversity and equality responsibilities and programmes. Muslim employees should no longer have to perform wudu in sinks or other unsuitable appliances.

Low Cost of Ownership

Fast becoming the standard appliance for wudu in the workplace, WuduMate Classic's wipe-clean, sanitary-grade acrylic construction is robust, yet attractive to look at, as well as being easy to maintain and clean.


For the buyer:

  • Manufactured in high quality, easy to clean sanitary grade acrylic
  • The WuduMate Classic’s fixed, almost indestructible seat is ideal for a public wudu facility

For the contractor:

  • Easy to install
  • ‘Water-in’ and ‘waste-out’ through either the floor or rear of the unit; negating the need for sub-floor access

For the employer:

  • Supports Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), equality and diversity policies
  • Mitigates health & safety risks and Disabled Discrimination Act (DDA) compliance risks

For the user:

  • Safe, comfortable and dignified wudu appliance
  • Designed together with numerous WuduMate taps to ensure that the spouts are in the most comfortable position for wudu and at the right angle to minimise splashing
  • Accommodates children and adults


The WuduMate Classic can be configured with grab handles for less abled people and a range of disabled-friendly taps, but wheelchair users will need to dismount the wheelchair and manoeuvre to the WuduMate as they would a DOC M toilet.

Classic Architect & Professional Data




WuduMate Classic installed in various envirnments

WuduMate Classic Technical Configuration Options

WuduMate Classic Manual Lever Pillar Tap

  • WuduMate Classic
  • WuduMate Manual Lever Pillar Tap
  • Waste
  • Fixings

WuduMate Classic Pillar

  • WuduMate Classic
  • WuduMate Pillar Tap
  • Waste
  • TMV3
  • Fixings

WuduMate Classic Auto

  • WuduMate Classic
  • WuduMate Auto Sensor Tap
  • Waste
  • TMV3
  • Fixings

WuduMate Classic Disabled

  • WuduMate Classic
  • WuduMate Auto Sensor Tap
  • Waste
  • TMV3
  • 120 degree wall-hung grab rail and 90 degree wall to floor grab rail or drop down (depending on available fixings)
  • Fixings


Sanitary-grade, reinforced acrylic


White or Black Acrylic


19.8kg / 43lbs 10oz

Testing / Certification

WuduMate Classic has been tested to loads of over 3000kg

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