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Welcome to our visitors from Islam Channel

We are very proud to be sponsoring the Ihsan award for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion at this year's Islam Channel Business Awards.

Ihsan is an Arabic term for excellence; for doing something in the best way possible. This is a special award, open to any non-Muslim business which makes Muslims feel genuinely welcome by ensuring that they are included in all aspects of business life.

At WuduMate we feel passionate about this mission. For the last 15 years, we have been educating businesses, and the managers and designers of public buildings about the need for multi-faith spaces, and how they can be designed and fitted out in a way to make the daily Muslim prayer ritual as comfortable and convenient as possible.

We offer a free download of our booklet Diversity Matters - a Guide to Best Practice Multi-Faith Room Design. This booklet is intended to include recommendations on how to cater for all faiths in a multi-faith room, but focuses on the needs of Muslims, since these are more structured and time-critical, resulting in the need to pray during working hours, and additionally to perform wudu before prayer.

We encourage everyone to download a copy of this booklet and share it with anyone who may be interested in creating or improving a multi-faith space.

Our Products

WuduMate is the world's leading supplier of ablution appliances for prayer and multi-faith rooms.

You have probably seen our WuduMate appliances in your mosque, in a workplace, or in a public building like an airport, shopping centre, school or a sports stadium, but we also have models that are suitable for installing in your home bathroom, or even for using in a room that does not have a plumbed in water supply.

We would love to hear from you, either with your experiences of our products, or any way in which we could help you improve your home, workspace, or any other place in which you regularly pray.

Follow Us

You will also find us on social media - we have a particularly active presence on LinkedIn, where Muslims regularly tell us about their good experiences with prayer facilities where they are. We love these testimonials, as it helps us to educate more people, and spread the word about the benefits to businesses, of providing for their employees' and visitors' spiritual needs.

Please follow us on these channels and join in the conversation.

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