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WuduMate Commercial installed in Birmingham secondary school

This Birmingham secondary school was situated in an area of higher population density and higher percentage of ethnic minorities than the city averages. At the time, it was seeing good academic progress from the pupils, and this has continued in more recent years.

The improvement in academic performance was accompanied by an extensive refurbishment program. During this process, one of the new initiatives included the redevelopment of the ablution facilities – an area used by Muslim students before prayer. Another initiative was a redesign of the toilet areas to combat bullying.

For the ablution areas, project managers Lendlease suggested installation of WuduMate washing appliances specifically designed for Wudu. After advice from the manufacturer a series of WuduMate Commercial units was chosen, this model having already been successfully implemented in hundreds of similar environments. Eight units were installed in the male ablution area and four in the female facility.

“We were keen to adopt a long-lasting solution using latest generation materials to facilitate cleaning and reduce maintenance” said the project manager. “The WuduMate has proved to be far easier to implement that the construction of a traditional tile and cement trough and is being well received by those using it.”

The deputy head teacher was delighted with the decisions to install WuduMate ablution appliances and to create more open plan toilet areas, saying that staff and students alike were showing pride in the new facilities and feeling that the school had set a standard for others to follow.

The WuduMate Commercial was one of our original WuduMate footbaths, designed by our founder Nigel Bromilow.

We no longer sell this model - it has been superseded by the WuduMate Classic, an improved footbath design, updated after feedback from our users.

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