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We have published a new WuduMate brochure for 2024. This brochure includes a new product, a dual level hand and foot basin called the WuduMate WuduBasin.

The WuduMate WuduBasin is best suited for homes and small workplaces where there is insufficient space for a separate hand basin and footbath, but the users require a safer and more comfortable appliance in which to rinse their feet when performing wudu, rather than a hand basin or shower. 

Download a pdf copy of the new brochure here (click the image)

Alternatively, contact our sales team to request a printed copy of the brochure or for any other enquiries you may have.

We are proud to announce that WuduMate will be exhibiting its innovative wudu basins and ablution products in the halal pavilion at the LOHAS Expo in Hong Kong from Friday 26th - Sunday 29th January.

The South China Morning Post reports that the halal pavilion at this trade show is deliberately designed to make Hong Kong more attractive to Muslims.

We look forward to making new contacts and spreading the word about the benefits of having a multi-faith area in your workplace or public building, to business owners in Hong Kong.

Our founder and CEO Nigel Bromilow and his wife Annabel, can be seen on the back row of this picture, second and third from the right.

We have recently published a new WuduMate brochure, aimed specifically at those who are fitting out mosques, Islamic Centres, and similar ablution areas which are likely to have high traffic.

This brochure focuses on the WuduMate products which are most often chosen by our mosque customers, pointing out the features of each, with before and after photos to show how a refit can transform and enhance a busy wudu area.

You can download a pdf copy of the new Mosque Brochure by clicking here, or you can get a hard copy brochure by visiting our stand at Mosque Expo this Saturday, 25th November in Manchester.

If you would like us to post you a copy of the brochure and you cannot come to Mosque Expo, please fill in the Contact Form, indicating that you would like a Mosque brochure (or any other document) and including the name and address you would like the brochure to be sent to.

Wudumate Mosque brochure

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We saw two lovely posts on LinkedIn this week which perfectly demonstrate the increase in staff morale and wellbeing that can happen when a company takes steps to make all members of staff feel welcome and included.

The management at Elekta in Crawley, had already provided a multi-faith room for their employees. However there wasn't anywhere specific for the Muslim staff to perform the pre-prayer wudu ablution ritual.

One member of staff, Aisha Mehmood, describes how she used to perform wudu in the company shower facilities, but she frequently got her clothes wet, and the situation wasn't ideal. So she did her research, and asked the management whether it would be possible to install a WuduMate ablution facility.

One of the management team, Tim, was very receptive to the idea and glad to be made aware of the issue, and he immediately began working on a solution.

Within a few weeks, they had identified a suitable location and Tim had arranged for a WuduMate Classic to be installed within a proper secluded room. Tim and his team also made sure that the WuduMate was accessible to all employees, regardless of their mobility needs as close as possible to the prayer room.

Aisha was very grateful for this considerate intervention:

After a period of leave I was thrilled to be back in the office today to find that we have a brand-new WuduMate installed. This is a device that allows Muslims to safely and easily perform ablution for their daily prayers.

I'm so grateful to Tim Rose CIWFM and to everyone else who was involved in making this possible. The installation of the WuduMate is a huge step forward for diversity and inclusion at Elekta and I'm proud to work for a company that is committed to making everyone feel welcome.

This wouldn't have been possible without the encouragement and support of my fellow volunteers for the Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging group at Elekta who have been paramount in fostering a more inclusive workplace.

See Post on LinkedIn

Another Elekta employee, Mohid Waseem said:

I'm thrilled to share that Elekta Crawley has taken a significant step towards inclusivity by installing a WuduMate station. As a practicing Muslim, this makes me feel more included in the company, as it eliminates the awkwardness of performing pre-prayer ablution in public bathrooms.

Kudos to Aisha Mehmood and Tim Rose CIWFM for their dedication to making this happen. Their efforts reflect Elekta's commitment to an inclusive workplace that respects the diverse needs of its employees.

This change reaffirms my pride in being part of Elekta, where diversity and inclusion are celebrated.

See Post on LinkedIn

If you would like more information about WuduMate appliances, or the best way to furnish and set out a multi-faith space, so it can be enjoyed by people of all faiths and none, please take a look at the following:

We are pleased to announce that WuduMate will have a stand at BuildCon Bangladesh, which is taking place from 23rd to 25th November, 2023 at ICCB Exhibition Hall, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

The Bangladesh Expo was launched in the year 2015 and this is the 7th time it has taken place. The exhibition was initially intended to bring together architects and builders, contractors, engineers and civil engineers, fabricators, manufacturers, interior decorators, importers, dealers, distributors, traders, government departments, and other industry experts under one roof for displaying and sourcing products and services.

We are very much looking forward to meeting some of our contacts we have corresponded with for some time, and to making new connections in the area.

Bangladesh BuildCon

This customer has created two ablution rooms, one with two WuduMate Modular units, and the other one with three Modulars.

They chose to install them as three separate units, rather than joining them together in a bank, and to install them without the back panel, with the wall mounted taps coming directly out of the tiled wall surface.

WuduMate Modular

We hare very happy to announce that WuduMate will once again be exhibiting at Mosque Expo on Saturday 25th November near Manchester.

Mosque Expo is a wonderful day out for adults and children alike, with lots to see and do for all the family. We are looking forward to meeting the people who have been nominated for this year's Beacon Mosque Awards, and to meet some people who have not been able to attend the Expo when it was held near London.

You can apply for free entry tickets by clicking this link:

Following a surge of interest for our products in Japan, you can now download Diversity Matters, our world-renowned Guide to Multi-faith Room Design, in a new Japanese language edition. We have also translated our sales brochure into Japanese.

You can download either of these documents from this link - Japanese Language Documents, or if you would like a printed version or have any other questions please contact us.

日本での当社製品への関心の高まりを受けて、世界的に有名な多宗教向けの部屋設計ガイド『Diversity Matters』の新しい日本語版をダウンロードできるようになりました。販売パンフレットも日本語に翻訳しました。

「ドキュメント」の上の画像をクリックすると、これらのドキュメントのいずれかをダウンロードできます。印刷版が必要な場合は、お問い合わせください。  Contact Us

Several Police Forces in the UK have chosen the WuduMate Mobile to provide an ablution facility for Muslim Staff and others using the facility.

The WuduMate Mobile does not have to be plumbed in. The top tank can be filled with water, and the unit can then be wheeled to wherever it is needed. This is very convenient in a police station, as it allows those who have been detained to perform wudu and pray within their cells, offering them them privacy and dignity as they fulfil their spiritual needs.

We are pleased to share a video of the WuduMate Mobile demonstrating how the WuduMate Mobile can be used where its easier to take the wudu facility to the people rather then the people to the wudu facility

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