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WuduMate sponsored the Ihsan Award for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion at the Recent Islam Channel Business Awards held at the Hilton Metropole Hotel in London in November.

Five companies were nominated for this prestigious award; Blackburn Rovers Football Club, Deloitte, DLA Piper, EY, and KPMG, and the winner was Blackburn Rovers Football Club

NIgel Bromilow gives a speech at the Islam Channel Business Awards

In his speech before presenting the award, our Managing Director Nigel Bromilow said how very important it is for companies in the UK today to take into account of the needs of staff, visitors and customers from other cultures.

Blackburn Rovers has introduced a number of new initiatives at their ground in recent years, including a multi-faith room, halal food and alcohol-free bars, as well as Diwali celebrations and Eid prayers on the pitch.

Yasir Sufi, Rovers' Integration and Development Manager, said:

“Because of the work Blackburn Rovers has done over the past 18 months, not only our local Muslim community, but also the Muslim community around the world, knows that every football club should be open for them, should be welcoming to them and should make the provisions where Muslims can observe their prayers, have access to halal food and have access to facilities that are inclusive.

I can’t thank enough all of the team at Blackburn Rovers, from our senior management all the way down to every member of staff, who prioritises this every day in what they do.”

WuduMate Classic wudu sink

This WuduMate Classic model, is one of 2 that were installed in an ablution area at a Johnson & Johnson office in the USA.

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Another lovely testimonial on Linked in. We are so glad to be able to help companies like Sky provide an inclusive and welcoming environment for their employees. They have installed three WuduMate Compact units with soap dispensers

We love to see religious inclusion and that's what I found at Sky today.

As you know Muslims pray whilst at work, so Sky built an ablution room!

Using WuduMate, they have a dedicated wet room where Muslims can comfortably make wudhu, without making a mess in the bathrooms.

I love it when an employer REALLY acknowledges and supports their employees!

If you are planning a project of this nature, please take a look at our publication:

Diversity Matters: A Guide to Best Practice Multi-Faith Room Design

BT opened a new London Head Office, known as One Braham in November 2021, housing around 3,500 employees.

We were delighted to see this photo and testimonial on LinkedIn from Nuzhah Miah, who had occasion to visit the building recently. She took the photo below and had this to say about her experience:

"The office has very impressive amenities, but I was pleasantly surprised with the prayer space in particular.

In my experience female prayer spaces have often felt like an afterthought. However at One Braham I was able to comfortably remove my hijab and perform ablution to prepare for prayer. This is something that I have to anticipate not being able to do before I leave the house, because sometimes Muslim prayer spaces don't accommodate for women who wear hijab.

It meant a lot to me to be able to comfortably pray as I was able to return to my desk reenergised and refocused which is one of the great benefits of the five daily prayers Muslims observe and therefore helped me feel so much more motivated.

This for me is a great example of inclusivity and I hope that these facilities become a standard in all offices, especially by companies that are looking to attract female Muslim talent."

Nuzhah Miah

We are very pleased to see that our appliances are being used and appreciated by the Muslim community.

photo credit Nuzhah Miah

View the story here.

A student found our WuduMate in his University bathroom, and asked the internet what it was ...

We are pleased to share a video of the WuduMate Mobile demonstrating how the WuduMate Mobile can be used where its easier to take the wudu facility to the people rather then the people to the wudu facility

We are proud to launch our new website!

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