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Senai International Airport

Senai International Airport is located 300 km South East of Kuala Lumpur, in one of Malaysia's strategic development zones. Local company Olie Scape Holdings were contracted for a number of projects within the overall Senai development.

Projects included a number of male and female prayer rooms for use by staff and travelers. In keeping with Senai’s strategy to use modern technology and designs, Oli Scape researched the market to find what modern-day ablution appliances were available for wudu, as alternatives to the traditional tile & cement troughs.

The WuduMate Commercial (predecessor of the WuduMate Classic) was quickly identified on the Internet, developed in the UK specifically for Wudu, and fast being established as the next generation of appliance for wudu across the Globe.

Oliscape quickly established that there were WuduMate models for virtually every type of building, but chose the WuduMate Classic for seated wudu, and a single WuduMate Modular in each ablution
area for standing wudu. The WuduMates were easily sourced from the UK, and since found to be easy to install, and their hard-wearing acrylic surface proving easy to keep clean.

Director of Oli Scape, Mr Azali Man quotes,

“This is the first use of the WuduMate in Malaysia, but feedback so far has been excellent; visitors have been both surprised and impressed with this product. A lot of people like to use the WuduMates, even though we have also provided another facility with a traditional ablution
trough, confirming the willingness of users in Malaysia to move to these new appliances.”

A Manager from Senai Airport stated,

“Installation of the WuduMates has helped reinforce the image of the airport as a modern, state-of-the-art facility. The airport is proud of the reforms it has helped introduce by bringing this new appliance to our Muslim prayer facility.”

Mr Man believes that his company Oli Scape Holdings will be able to introduce the WuduMate to a range of projects locally, including existing and new buildings, mosques and homes.

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