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Financial Institution, Canary Wharf

The London office of a leading, blue chip, US based, financial institution, has extended its multi-faith facilities in two Canary Wharf buildings, to include the latest in ablution appliances for Muslims. The two buildings are managed by Norland Managed Services.

Norland’s Property Manager, Russell Turley, was becoming increasingly concerned about the health and safety implications of the amount of water being spilt in the washrooms servicing two of its client’s trading floors. He remembered from a recent publication, ‘Diversity Matters’, A Guide to Best Practice Faith Room Design, that some of the issues identified in the guide, could well have been the cause for the high level of water spillage.

After a consultative process between Norland and a group of its client’s Asian staff, it soon became clear that whilst multi-faith rooms had previously been established in each building, they had not
been equipped with appropriate washing facilities for those Muslims wanting to undertake their daily prayers in this facility which involved washing their feet.

Norland’s M & E contractors, C & B Mechanical, were asked to contact WuduMate, the authors of ‘Diversity Matters’, and after considering the various options, chose the WuduMate Compact as
the most appropriate foot-washing appliance, in the limited space they had available.

Norland’s Russell Turley quotes:

“Many of our clients have a typical, modern day, ethnically diverse workforce, and we need to keep abreast of innovative new products which help provide for this fast changing makeup of our society. The WuduMate company was extremely helpful when we contacted them, immediately able to relate to our issues, and this helped us to quickly provide an ideal solution to this sensitive issue’. Russell adds ’In hindsight it would have been easier if the WuduMate’s has been included in the buildings original design, and in the future we would encourage this.”

Ismail Mahmood is a regular visitor to the Multi-Faith Room in his building and adds

“I believe I can speak for all of us who work here and use the WuduMates, when I say that this excellent facility differentiates this building from many others in the City where suitable
appliances are rarely available in which we can safely and comfortably perform our Wudu, which requires us to wash our hands, face and feet before prayer; a big thank you from all the Muslim staff who work here!”

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