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We are very proud to have supplied many universities in the UK and USA with ablution basins for thier multi-faith and prayer rooms.

The University of Illinois has chosen a single WuduMate Classic for this room, one of several ablution areas on the campus. The unit has pre-cut non-slip Heronrib matting around it, and a grab bar has been installed next to the unit, for ease of sitting and standing.

This customer has adapted a large bathroom area, in order to make a place for Muslim employees to perform wudu. They have chosen the WuduMate Compact with a pillar tap, and non-slip matting around the unit. There are paper towels above the unit, so the feet can be dried while still seated, avoiding splashing on the floor.

On the sink you can see the sign which will be attached to the door, to indicate the wudu area for visitors to the building.

This generous and caring employer in South Africa has fitted out a container on his farm, to provide a prayer and ablution area for his Muslim employees.

He has installed the Wudumate Classic, with a water heater and mixer tap, so the water for wudu can be warm, and paper towels to dry the feet after wudu.

We love it when somebody finds a WuduMate when they weren't expecting one, and it makes their day better.

We recently found this TripAdvisor review of Disneyland Hong Kong, and the poster, a Muslim from Singapore, is delighted to have found two halal restaurants, and a prayer room with an ablution area featuring the WuduMate Classic.

The review reads

You're Muslim and first time visiting Hong Kong? Afraid not. You will be surprised to know that Hong Kong Disneyland actually have two halal outlets namely The Explorer Club and the other The Tahiti Terrace. As a Muslim, I'm very impressed that they also have prayer room complete with the ablutions room. You just need to bring your own praying mat and there you go!

You can see this lovely review here Trip Advisor Review of Disneyland Hong Kong

If you have found prayer and ablution facilities in a place where you weren't expecting them, whether it is your workplace or another public space, we would love to hear from you. Please send your testimonials with a photo to info@wudumate.com. We would love to share your photos and your opinions, but we can keep your name and the company's name private if you, or your employer would prefer.

We are proud to announce that WuduMate will be exhibiting its innovative wudu basins and ablution products in the halal pavilion at the LOHAS Expo in Hong Kong from Friday 26th - Sunday 29th January.

The South China Morning Post reports that the halal pavilion at this trade show is deliberately designed to make Hong Kong more attractive to Muslims.

We look forward to making new contacts and spreading the word about the benefits of having a multi-faith area in your workplace or public building, to business owners in Hong Kong.

Our founder and CEO Nigel Bromilow and his wife Annabel, can be seen on the back row of this picture, second and third from the right.

This office chose the WuduMate Mobile for its pre-prayer ablution area. The company has a small Muslim workforce, and so it made sense to have a small wudu basin in the multi-faith area.

The WuduMate Mobile does not have to be plumbed in - it can be easily moved to another area if required. This means that the Wudumate Mobile is a great choice when employees first ask for an ablution area and a prayer space in an office. It can be deployed immediately, with no preparation in any room that has been designated as a prayer and ablution area.

If the company then goes on to design and fit a full multi-faith room in due course, the unit can be moved to the new area with the minimum of disruption.

This video features the WuduMate Modular in a mosque in the North of England

The video shows how easy and comfortable it is to perform wudu using the WuduMate Modular. The tap is at the correct angle to minimise splashing and there is a comfortable footrest to assist foot washing. Taps can be configured with a wrist blade or auto sensor to assist those with limited mobility.

This video shows the Modular with a soap shelf, which can also be used for watches and other valuables. The Modular can also be configured with an inbuilt soap dispenser behind the back panel

The WuduMate Modular can also be configured without a seat, to allow wheelchair access or for those who prefer to do wudu whilst standing. In a bank of Modulars, you can specify how many of them have seats. The seat tops and seat pole base covers come in a variety of colours and finishes to compliment your decor.

We were delighted to hear that a police force in the UK has invested in wellbeing rooms in some of its offices.

One of the project team said "I understand the critical need for supportive environments when navigating challenging discussions."

These beautiful peaceful rooms, providing space for prayer, meditation, or just a quiet time out, are bound to be well received both by staff and visitors to these premises. The inclusion of a comfortable and dignified wudu facility will be a comfort to Muslim visitors at what could be a stressful time.

Wellbeing room including Wudumate Classic

The WuduMate Classic has been developed in conjunction with purpose-built taps, which have been designed with the spout in the most comfortable position for wudu, and the fall of the water positioned to minimise splashing. It is suitable for installation in public buildings and workspaces where small numbers of Muslims pray regularly.

We have recently published a new WuduMate brochure, aimed specifically at those who are fitting out mosques, Islamic Centres, and similar ablution areas which are likely to have high traffic.

This brochure focuses on the WuduMate products which are most often chosen by our mosque customers, pointing out the features of each, with before and after photos to show how a refit can transform and enhance a busy wudu area.

You can download a pdf copy of the new Mosque Brochure by clicking here, or you can get a hard copy brochure by visiting our stand at Mosque Expo this Saturday, 25th November in Manchester.

If you would like us to post you a copy of the brochure and you cannot come to Mosque Expo, please fill in the Contact Form, indicating that you would like a Mosque brochure (or any other document) and including the name and address you would like the brochure to be sent to.

Wudumate Mosque brochure

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