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Earlier this year we reported that Jaguar LandRover had installed some WuduMate Classic units in their offices. We understand that they were delighted with their units, and they recently installed another two WuduMate Classics with non-slip matting.

The units were installed by Aspire Joinery and Building Ltd. Our contact said

We are really pleased with the results and would recommend Wudu Mate to our fellow contractors and customers. 

Following a surge of interest for our products in Japan, you can now download Diversity Matters, our world-renowned Guide to Multi-faith Room Design, in a new Japanese language edition. We have also translated our sales brochure into Japanese.

You can download either of these documents from this link - Japanese Language Documents, or if you would like a printed version or have any other questions please contact us.

日本での当社製品への関心の高まりを受けて、世界的に有名な多宗教向けの部屋設計ガイド『Diversity Matters』の新しい日本語版をダウンロードできるようになりました。販売パンフレットも日本語に翻訳しました。

「ドキュメント」の上の画像をクリックすると、これらのドキュメントのいずれかをダウンロードできます。印刷版が必要な場合は、お問い合わせください。  Contact Us

Several Police Forces in the UK have chosen the WuduMate Mobile to provide an ablution facility for Muslim Staff and others using the facility.

The WuduMate Mobile does not have to be plumbed in. The top tank can be filled with water, and the unit can then be wheeled to wherever it is needed. This is very convenient in a police station, as it allows those who have been detained to perform wudu and pray within their cells, offering them them privacy and dignity as they fulfil their spiritual needs.

This customer chose the WuduMate Classic to install in the curtained-off ablution area of the company's multi-faith room. They chose to accessorise the unit with grab bars on in front of and to the side of the device to assist those with limited mobility to sit and stand safely.

This school in Manchester chose five WuduMate Classic units, with custom fitting non-slip matting, to furnish their Wudu Ablution area.

They have added a sign by each unit, explaining its purpose. This will be educational for the non-Muslim students who may not be familiar with the practice of wudu.

This smart and functional pre-prayer ablution area will make prayer time easier and more comfortable for the Muslim students.

Toronto Airport is updating the prayer facilities in its terminals and installing new ablution appliances.

This ablution room has a WuduMate Modular footbath with a grab handle to assist those with limited mobility.

Our top of the range WuduMate Modular unit is usually seen where more than one unit is required in an area, as the WuduMate Modulars fit together seamlessly to make good use of space and to make cleaning easy.

However, in this office, the customer chose the aesthetic of the WuduMate Modular as a single unit, and it looks striking in this simple ablution room. The White Acrylic seat top and base cover combine to convey an atmosphere of peace and calm.

A WuduMate Modular ablution sink in Chubb offices in Dallas

This college has set up a beautiful ablution area in their multi-faith space.

For this facility in Australia, the customer chose the WuduMate Compact. The signs above it make it clear what the purpose is, in case any non-Muslims using the multi-faith area are in doubt, and there is also a convenient shoe rack.

They have chosen the pre-cut non-slip matting to go around the base of the Compact, and the optional handles on the stool to assist sitting and rising for anyone with limited mobility. It is also possible to remove the stool, for example to use the WuduMate from a wheelchair.

This WuduMate Compact has been installed neatly into the corner of the prayer room in this office in Canada. It takes up very little space, leaving room for users to pray in comfort immediately after performing their ablutions.

WuduMate Compact ablution sink in a Canadian office building
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